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    Getting back into the scene, was in WoW for a long time. There I was Shannondryl, Krynnvelas, Aisleyn, Ashensong, Awelaine, Tilly, Tiddlywinx, Tevalyr, Chrysanthe, Uld, Rachele, Coloth, Testarossa, Juririggin, and many more.

    Robotech MUSH - Rachele, Natasha, Keryn, Victoria
    Protoculture MUSH - Rachele, Sean, Hokuten
    Protoculture II MUSH (aka ProtoII) - Sarah, Mark, Rachele, Bruce
    Angelic Layer MUSH - (Format: Deus/Angel) Eileen/Sentaku, Kanno, Airieko/Kagero, Nate/Mocha
    Another MUSH - Rachele
    Shye MUSH - Knighthawke, Shalondrere, Monolith
    Chrono Crisis MUSH - ? Can't recall my character's name on there.
    Kallisti MUD - Knightwynde, founder of the Order of the Rose
    Shadowdale MUD - Knighthawke, Knightwynde, Shannondryl, Goldensong

  • @Rachele Shadowdale MUD have had some new influx of players recently.

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