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  • Pitcrew

    F & L - Danielle
    Fate's Harvest - Cerise

    Past games (In which my memory is awful....):
    Harper's Tale - I think my character's name started with a K. Definitely a healer, though.
    Various other Pern games....
    Castle D'Image - I vaguely remember playing with a guy named Thanatos
    Various other independent themed that I can't remember
    Aether & Aether II - So can't remember who I played...
    Firan - Dafne, Lilana, Pythia, Lilah (and others I can't remember)...
    Dark Metal - Some mortal that I can't remember, hung out with Tommy and another werewolf
    TR - Cerise. There was also a ghoul, who I'm pretty sure was named Risa.
    RFK - Kara
    RFK II - Mackenzie
    BITN - Cerise
    Arx - Lydia
    Fate's Harvest: Maddie
    Various other WoD games...

  • Pitcrew

    This post is deleted!

  • Pitcrew

    Updated to reflect rostering Lydia

  • Pitcrew

    Fare thee well! I hope you have good fortunes with your next project.

  • Coder

    Aw. I'm sad we didn't get a chance to play together again a bit more. But good luck with whatever you find next!

  • Pitcrew

    @Lisse24 Sad to see you go!!

  • Mackenzie was great fun. Glad to see you around.

  • Pitcrew

    @Roz @Sparks I'll miss you guys, too!

    @Jaded Yeah, I was a wee bit fond of her, too :D

  • Pitcrew

    So, like, I was totally thinking I was done with MUing. The desire to connect in the evenings just wasn't there. I mean, sometimes I'd want to scene, but I really wanted to play a video game or watch TV more, and with my limited time it was one or the other. Plus, work got crazy and connecting during work hours wasn't something I wanted to do.

    Then, a few nights ago, I got a real bug to get active again, which led me to log randomly into the first game I thought of that I hadn't played yet a couple nights later.

    Within 24 hours of logging in, I had a char approved and a couple scenes under my belt. I'm pretty happy so far.

    Look me up there, I'm Danielle.

    And yes, it's another mortal, but I really like stories about people up against inconceivable odds. What can I say? Maybe if I actually play out a mortal story to what I feel is the end, I'll move on, but for right now, that's what I'm interested in playing.

  • @Lisse24 Yay mortals! It's always interesting to see where they'll end up. :3

  • Pitcrew

    In which I add another char and attempt the feat of juggling two active PCs at once!

  • Pitcrew

    Just an update with where I've been for two weeks:
    A family emergency merged with closing and renovating a new house which merged with Thanksgiving and family time.

    On the upside, I have closed on my house (finally!), my kitchen is far less ugly and far more functional than it was a week ago, and I am no longer living with family, all of which equals to me actually being able to focus on gaming for extended periods of time the way I haven't been able to for the past couple of months.

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