Chromebook MU* Clients?

  • I'm thinking of switching to a chromebook for my next personal travel laptop. I'm considering it because I'm mostly only using cloud-based and internet based applications when traveling and I'm tired of dragging around a 5 lbs of largely unused laptop.

    Is the Chrome OS able to support MU* clients? Anyone had any experience with such?

  • I am not aware of any clients that run natively on ChromeOS. You still have a couple of options. There is a way to run Android apps on ChromeOS which will enable you to run Blowtorch or a similar Android app. These apps are probably ok for casual use (chatting, checking mail and etc) but not for serious RP or programming. Another option is to install the SSH app from the ChromeOS appstore and use it to connect to any shell accounts you have access to (your MU* host, perhaps) to run TinyFugue. This will allow you to MU* from a tab in your browser. It works very well, assuming you are comfortable using tf.

  • Coder


    I don't use it but a couple people on Marvel:1963 do that I'm aware of.

  • I've had people recommend ChroMUD Alpha for online play, it functions and looks a lot like MUSHclient from what I can tell.

  • +1 for Duckclient. It has a lot of features (triggers, command recall, logging, just to name a few) and is also very customizable. Thanks for the link, Ixokai!

  • Thanks for the info! That definitely helps!

  • Pitcrew

    DuckClient is this shiznit.

  • I was using Chromud

    The odd thing about it... I found that using certain in game commands on MUSHes would force quit the game.. and they were common commands (drawing a blank as to what ones.. there were a few).

    One of them was @set, but it was only if I was setting a specific attribute.