Streaming: The Long Dark

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    With the Steam Sale on, I picked up the Long Dark- a game of survival in a quiet post Apocalypse setting.

    I know one of our in a streamer here, so I was curious what sort of streaming software is used? I planned on streaming my abysmal attempts at a first time playthrough.

    I was considering using X-Split Game Caster, or X-split broad caster and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with either, and would be willing to help me setup?

  • I use OBS. It's free, works on just about every platform, and does a lot, and it isn't a resource hog.

    And I'm more than happy to help anyone set it up. My skype is surviverpg. I do better showing than telling

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    Thanks. Can OBS be used to steam to Youtube?
    ( Game Caster and Spliter are marvels of recordsinh and streaming but OMG they ATE MY CPU ALIVE (I was at 90%+ for some weird ass reason, during on session., ( I think something hitched cause I had to do hard-shut down (power button for 10 seconds)

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    @Songtress said in Streaming: The Long Dark:

    Can OBS be used to steam to Youtube?

    First Google hit to literally that exact phrase:

    So, yes.

  • @Songtress Yup! I use Youtube to record secret things... before I got my Elgato anyway.

    One thing you will also want to do especially with Youtube is do a speedtest before you go live if it isn't constant, because that's what will dictate your max bitrate in settings. Youtube seems to be more picky about it than Twitch. If you set it too low it'll be choppy.