Overwatch, anyone?

  • @Roz

    Those are some of the best matches, win or lose. It's always nice to do that once in a while, laugh and not take the game too seriously. :)

  • Just played Paragon and, really not impressed.

  • Pitcrew

    Was playing Challenge by myself today, and there were guys on my team on voice chat mentioning that they never ran into random female players on the game, even though apparently the playerbase is 40-something percent female. And someone wondered if they just didn't talk because of harassment. They were saying how that sucked, so I totally BLEW THEIR MINDS when I turned my mic on and went, "Yeah, that's pretty much why we tend to stay quiet." Two guys on the written chat were like FIRST GIRL I'VE EVER TEAMED WITH. Which probably isn't true, they just didn't know it, but they were decent folks.

    I actually imagine most women spend more time grouping up with other women to avoid the whole issue. I have a bunch of friends -- a lot from MU*s -- that I group regularly with, and sometimes we'll invite randoms who we play with and are good players and nice on chat, and it's kind of hilarious when there's a moment where the guy comes into our Discord and is like, "Oh wow, girls."

  • Yup, I pretty much stopped talking in groups when I was raid-leading in WoW and while explaining a fight a new recruit pipes up. "Wow whoever is talking, your voice is HOT!"

  • Admin

    I concur, most girls I've seen (heard?) on WoW have been rather obviously treated...differently. I can't tell always tell if that made them uncomfortable, although I have no doubt it did in many cases, but even not getting to just be part of the group like everyone else must suck.

    Also ah, the compliments. "You play well!" when they actually mean to say "... for a girl", since no one else gets those. Worse when they are playing well, because it will never stand out on its own.

  • Whenever I have a female teammate on a game, I treat them like I treat everyone else.

    I constantly insult and belittle their skills and attempt to micromanage their gameplay while making personal/racist attacks against them.

  • I can honestly say that in all of my time playing MMOs that I've been treated... maybe differently(?) once and that was back when I was playing Star Wars Galaxies. But I am not exactly sure if it was because of my gender/sex or the fact that the player of the toon my toon was married to was just just a genuinely nice guy. Other than that, I've been given zero preferential difference or treated any differently or poorly just because I am a woman.

  • Just picked it up. Though I have it on XB1(because I'm a loser peasant). If anybody else plays on XB1 one too, lemme know.

  • Double post. Some observations after a day with the XB1 version of Overwatch.

    • Nobody talks ever during games.
    • I have a penchant for Reaper and Reinhart
    • I really want to like Bastion, but I suck at him so far.
    • Same with Pharah, see my point on Bastion.
    • Tol seems like he'd be fun, still trying to figure it out.
    • I suck against other people. You'd think a lifetime of playing FPSs would endear me to not feeling like a huge joke against other people.

  • @Monogram

    Here are a few tips for some of the heroes you mentioned:

    1. With Bastion and Torbjorn (that is who I am assuming you meant by Tol but I just woke up so am not with it just yet), good turret placement is key. You'll learn where to put yourself on each map where you'll be well-protected while giving yourself maximum direct line of sight.

    2. Keep off the ground as much as you can as Pharah. Do not rely on accuracy at first but rather depend on splash damage from above. Use your hover (hold your jump button) as much as you can while your jump jets are on cool down.

  • Play Bastion more like an ambush sniper. Height and distance and LISTENING around you for enemy approach. Reload often. Reload when Genji is deflecting at you. Repair. Remind Mercy not to highlight where you are while standing in the open. Remind Reinhardt that you can't see through his butt. Remind everyone that if you are on the payload, you are a huge target so don't stand close.

    Bastion is powered by salt.

  • I tend not to play Bastion in the open, myself. I like finding little niches to tuck him in and try to ambush as people come by. Some maps are easier to make this happen than others, of course.

  • Pitcrew

    While I was intrigued by this game (notably the characters) I avoided it at first because, frankly, I suck at FPS. It's free to play this weekend, however, so I decided to give it a shot. My wife and I had a surprisingly fun time (enough that we're thinking about picking it up). While we had fun there was one very frustrating aspect to our play...

    Just about 75% of our deaths came at the hands of a Bastion player in turret mode. On top of that a Bastion player in turret mode ate up 90% of the "play of the game" reels. I got so sick of dying and having the kill cam show me an over the top of a turret view of a Bastion player.

    Even with that, however, I think they won me over with this free to play weekend.

  • Yeah, Bastion is a down right bitch to go up against, especially when you're new to the game. Tonight my friend and I had the extra fun of playing against a Bastion who had a pocket healer/booster in his buddy, Mercy. It can make for a frustrating time, I won't lie, but once you get some practice in you'll learn how to counter him more easily. Lobbing Junkrat grenades at him from a distance and from cover is a particular favorite tactic of mine. ;)

  • Every hero has counters.

    Running at Bastion in the open is like running at a machine gun in WW1.
    Go out of sight.
    Leave Bastion sitting there wondering if they should move.
    Have one person stand in front of another and both fire at Bastion.
    Go get Genji, though a decent Bastion will give Genji a run for his money.

  • Flanking is a good tactic, yeah. Just got to be sneaky and try to stay out of the corner of their line of sight. Then pop them right in that little blue box.

  • NECRO. I just wanted to brag that I am almost a diamond player, guys. Through all the toxic teams, harassing boys, people who couldn't find the payload-- Almost there.

  • @Meg Whats a payload?

  • Coder

    @Misadventure I kind of hate to say this, but I /love/ playing Orisa, and having a Bastion player who is smart enough to camp behind me on a payload.

    So much fun.

  • Pitcrew

    @Lithium There is nothing better for a Bastion than to go on long rides on top of a payload while in the company of a Orisa or Reinhardt. It gives them new sights to see and a great vantage point from which they can meet new people and kill them. If you notice your Bastion feeling lonely on the payload, consider adding other turrets.


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